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Indian Natural Curly 

             100% Natural Indian Virgin Raw Hair Weft Bundles 

             If you wish to do alterations like bleaching or dying or ironing please consult a professional stylist in order to guarantee the product’s durability) 

             100% Virgin Hair: 100% natural Indian virgin raw hair means that the hair is completely natural and unprocessed that not treated with any kind of chemicals.

             Origin:   Our natural unprocessed Indian virgin temple raw hair is sourced from the Indian temple and each weft bundle is sourced from one single donor. It is in its natural form which mean unprocessed original quality.



​               We use to weft our bundles with latest technology method by well skilled & Experienced technician.

 Which is called double weft method that no shedding and lasting for years 


Quality STS Curly Hair Extension:

  •                 All of our hair is hygienic and 100% Remy, in which all cuticles face in the same direction.

  •                 Assuring that the cuticles align in the same direction virtually eliminates any tangling or matting issues.

  •                 Our hair is then meticulously wefted through well experienced skilled person so that lasting long & preventing from shedding.

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